What to Expect in Your First Driving Lesson 방문운전연수

If you’ve just learned to drive, or if you’ve never driven before, driving lessons are the perfect way to get your foot on the gas pedal. Driving lessons are also known as driver’s education, or driving tuition. Regardless of the term you prefer, they’re an essential part of getting a driver’s license. Here are some tips on what to expect in your first driving lesson. Read on to learn about the car controls, the Cockpit drill, and the in-car practice.

First driving lesson

When you get your first driving lesson, your instructor will introduce you to the controls in your car. He will explain each control, including the accelerator, brake, handbrake, and clutch. He will also explain how to use the indicator and how to change gear. This lesson is an opportunity to ask questions and get the answers that you need. It is always better to ask questions than not to. Here are some tips that will make your first driving lesson as smooth as possible:

Car controls

In addition to the seatbelt and the car’s speed, the use of car controls is essential for the safety of everyone in the car. When learning how to drive, students should know what each control does, how to use it correctly, and what can happen if it is not used properly. This way, they can avoid being involved in a crash or get injured in an accident. Here are some examples of the different controls and how they can help you in your driving lessons.

Cockpit drill

The Cockpit drill is an important part of driving lessons. It is important that you know how to operate all of the controls in your car before you start driving. This will help you to remain safe on the road. You should also make sure that your mirrors line up with the horizon and the back window. The seat belt should be fastened properly, as well. In addition, you should check that all of the auxiliary controls are working properly.

In-car practice

Driving lessons include in-car practice before a learner can take the wheel on his or her own. It is vital to understand the basic rules of the road before tackling the test. During the early driving lessons, the instructor should talk about the controls, such as the handbrake and clutch, as well as the indicators. The new driver should be encouraged to ask questions and demonstrate how to safely handle the car. Even if they feel unsure, it is better to ask a few questions than to have no answers at all.


Before a learner driver starts a driving lesson, they should agree to follow the road safety rules. A driving instructor must know when to intervene and how to do so. He or she must also make clear instructions and anticipate potential hazards. It is important to keep the distance between other road users and the learner driver and ensure that he or she does not show any aggression or hostility. This is because a learner driver might be feeling nervous and he or she might be distracted.