Pretending to Be Dead – Subtropes and Psychological Problems of Pretending to Be Dead

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should stop Pretending to be dead, read on. Here are the Subtropes and Psychological problems of this common coping technique. Before you start, you should know that it is not considered an official method of suicide. Nonetheless, if you do want to make sure that pretending to be dead is not against the law, read on! Listed below are some resources that will help you understand why pretending to be dead might not be the best idea.


While it might seem like a good idea to evade taxes and debt payments by pretending to die, it’s also illegal. Not only does it violate tax laws, but it can also lead to false police reports. In addition, pretending to die can be extremely painful for the people around you. Scott Beynon, a man who faked his own death, is one example. In his eloquent book, “The Law of Faking It,” Beynon makes the case for the illegality of fake death.

Although pretending to die is technically not against the law, the actions that go along with it can result in criminal charges. If the faked death involves an insurance fraud, it could put you in jail. Securities regulators may also be on the trail of the absconder. As such, it’s crucial that you consider the legality of pretending to be dead before you begin faking death. But what if your situation is particularly dire?