A Closer Look at the Human Nail

Humans have nails in both hands and feet, and these flat versions of claws are essential for human function. They enable humans to dig, climb, scratch, and grasp, and act as protective plates that protect from injuries. Moreover, nails also enhance sensation, allowing the body to process huge amounts of information when touched. Similarly, nails… Continue reading A Closer Look at the Human Nail

Anatomy of the Fingernail

Your fingernail has several components. The nail plate, or nail body, is made of keratin protein and several layers of dead cells. It is flexible and strong, depending on the shape of the underlying bone. It is attached strongly to the nail bed, but does not contain nerves or blood vessels. The nail is also… Continue reading Anatomy of the Fingernail

Anatomy of a Nail

If you have ever noticed your nail is different than the rest of your body, you may want to understand more about its anatomy and functions. To do so, read this article. We will learn the anatomy of your nail, its functions, and how the nail grows. You will also learn how to take care… Continue reading Anatomy of a Nail

Leukonychia of the Nail

The nails on our fingers and toes protect the end of the finger and allow us to perform finger activities. Nails are made up of two parts: the nail plate and the skin underneath. The nail plate is the hardest part of the nail. The skin is actually tissue. Neither of these two parts is… Continue reading Leukonychia of the Nail