How to Develop a Good Habit

The development of a good habit is a process that requires focus and consistency. While a habit that is a natural reaction to an environment can be helpful, a habit that isn’t practiced consistently can lead to a host of negative consequences. Habit tracking is essential for developing good habits because it helps you track… Continue reading How to Develop a Good Habit

way to make your new habit stick is to reward yourself

One of the easiest ways to develop a good habit is to have a clear intention. By setting a clear intention, you can be motivated to carry out your new behavior. The other factors that motivate you include Immediacy, Reward, Monitoring, and Visualization. To start a new habit, create a simple visual reminder. Once you… Continue reading way to make your new habit stick is to reward yourself

How Much Do Perms Cost?

What is a perm? And how much do perms cost? Read on to learn more. Modern-day perms have come a long way, and prices are now more affordable than ever. Plus, you can get a perm at home if you want! Just remember to consult your stylist for maintenance tips. Perms are not for everyone,… Continue reading How Much Do Perms Cost?

Applying For PERM

If you are applying for PERM, you will need to match your job duties to an OES Job Zones database. There are five levels in the database, and level four and five are the most relevant for PERM applications. However, you must be aware that these levels are not flexible, so be sure to match… Continue reading Applying For PERM

How to Get a PERM For an Employee Green Card

To obtain a PERM, an employer must employ several forms of recruitment at least six months before the application is filed. These methods include placing a job order with the State Workforce Agency, posting internal job advertisements and in-house company media, and securing a prevailing wage determination from the DOL. The prevailing wage determination is… Continue reading How to Get a PERM For an Employee Green Card