Buying a Wooden Board

Once your wooden board has accumulated a significant amount of food, it may need a little bit of extra TLC. To keep it looking fresh and clean, you should consider applying food-grade oil to it. Unlike regular oil, food-grade oil won’t go rancid. After oiling your board, use a microfiber cloth or a kitchen towel… Continue reading Buying a Wooden Board

Magenta – A Psychedelic Color

Magenta is a psychedelic color. This color stimulates the brain’s short wave blue cone cells. Middle and long wave cones respond to deep blue. The brain interprets the combination of these responses as magenta. According to the Munsell color system, magenta is red-purple. For this reason, it is often used in psychedelic art and interior… Continue reading Magenta – A Psychedelic Color

How to Work With Magenta

While magenta is a motivating color, its energy is not always ideal for troubleshooting situations. It can trigger stress and make you appear arrogant. Although this color is not part of the visible spectrum, many people perceive it as a combination of red and violet/blue light. Magenta is also perceived as a symbol of unconventionality.… Continue reading How to Work With Magenta

Colors of Magenta

Colors of magenta are secondary to red, black, and blue. Learn about magenta’s importance in color design and why you need to know these colors. In addition, discover how magenta affects the human mind. Magenta can inspire spiritual growth, change, and acceptance. It is also a color that inspires universal harmony. Just be aware that… Continue reading Colors of Magenta

Magenta – The Color of Universal Harmony and Emotional Balance

Magenta is the colour of universal harmony and emotional balance. It is both spiritual and practical, and encourages common sense, kindness, self-respect, and contentment. Wearing magenta in your home will help you flow with life, rather than battling it. It is also associated with warmth, love, and respect. If you want to know more about… Continue reading Magenta – The Color of Universal Harmony and Emotional Balance

Health Benefits of Coconuts

Coconuts are not just for cooking, though. While olive oil is a healthy oil to use in salad dressings, coconut oil is a far healthier choice for eating. Coconuts also provide many healthy nutrients and variety to your diet. As a result, coconuts have gained much respect, and their health benefits are finally receiving the… Continue reading Health Benefits of Coconuts