How to Part Your Hair Differently

Are you tired of the same old look? If so, try changing the way you part your hair. There are many ways to part your hair. Read on to learn about the Diamond, Center, and Baker’s parts. You will soon discover your new favorite look. Here are a few tips to follow:

Parting your hair on one side

If you haven’t already, learn the basics of parting your hair on one side. Parting your hair can be done in any style, from side-swept to the traditional center part. To create different styles, consider the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. When parting your hair on one side, start by dividing your hair along the side of your head, and keep the crown of your head on the opposite side of the parting line. Then, apply some styling product to keep the parting tight and prevent stray follicles from popping up.

Center part

The center part was a staple of the 1920s, 1970s, and 1990s, but the side part emerged as the most popular style in the 2000s. It is an easygoing, flirty style with layers that frame the face. Heavy layers accentuate the jawline and slim the face. The center part is the perfect way to show off your eyes and smile. Several celebrities sport this look on a regular basis.

Baker’s part

Claudine Raynaud provides a close reading of Josephine Baker’s film, Princesse Tam-Tam. The book focuses on Baker’s manipulation of both biographical and fictional elements of the film, as well as her performative identities. Baker’s part is both a biography and a refashioning of the black vernacular tradition. In this way, Baker reinterprets the role of a black woman in a white film.

Diamond part

To create a perfect diamond part in parted hair, start by defining the parting lines with your comb. Then, part your hair from the center back. This is more symmetrical, so your front parting should be slightly deeper than the rest of your hair. Make sure your diamond parting is as even as possible. A zigzag parting will create an uneven density, but you can fix this problem by taking some of the hair back or adding some to your front parting.

Heart part

A side-parted ponytail will not only add a touch of sophistication to a casual look, but it will also soften the chin and cheekbones. The side part can work well for a heart-shaped face. If your hair is long enough, you can try tucking your less heavy side into the heavy side. A deep part will also work with this shape. This hairstyle is perfect for women with round faces and will enhance the beauty of any face shape.

Oval part

Oval faces are flattering when their hair is parted on the sides and the middle. They are flexible enough to work with all types of parting, from a left-side part to a right-side part. If you are one of these women, try experimenting with different styles to find the one that will work best for your face shape. The following hairstyles will work with an oval face shape. To achieve these looks, follow these tips.

Square part

A square part is one of the most common ways to start a loc. A hair stylist can do this for you, or you can do it yourself. If you are starting a loc for the first time, be sure to make the part symmetrical and in a grid pattern. This way, you will have a straight line to work with when styling and tying, and it will be harder for people to see your scalp. While this style is great for some types of hair, it’s not advisable for thick, fine locs.