How to Dress for Your Hourglass, Triangle, and Banana Body Types

There are three body types, the Hourglass, Triangle, and Banana. To find out your body type, start by measuring four body measurements. The relationship between these measurements will determine your body type. You can measure these measurements by loosely wrapping a tape around your shoulders (the tape will fall off at its widest point). It can be helpful to use a second pair of hands to hold the tape. After you have measured all four body parts, you’ll know which type you are.

Hourglass body type

The hourglass shape is one of the most sought-after body types. Whether you are a skinny babe or a plus-size woman, knowing your body shape is essential for building your wardrobe and making style decisions. Here are a few important tips to consider when dressing for your hourglass figure. 1. Don’t wear too high a neckline

Wear form-hugging clothing. It’s easy to mistake an hourglass shape for a square one, but it’s easy to miscalculate your waistline! If you want to balance the visual width, try a boat neckline with a belt. If you want to emphasize your waist, wear a thin belt. An hourglass silhouette can look good in many styles, and it can complement almost any silhouette. In addition to this, you can use celebrities to get style inspiration.

When selecting clothing for an hourglass figure, remember that you should focus on defining your waistline, which is naturally narrow. Wear dark, contrast colored waist accents to highlight your shape. An hourglass figure has all the right curves, but it may be lacking a pronounced waistline. Also, you should avoid big, bulky shoes and high heels, as they can add unnecessary volume to your hips. In addition, you should also look for pieces that accentuate your chest.

Triangle body type

The shoulders of the Triangle body type are relatively narrow compared to the rest of your body. Choosing a jacket that has a v-neck will help you draw attention away from your broad shoulders, reducing the attention you will attract with your broader upper body. The same goes for jackets that feature padding, since they will add bulk to your upper body. A dark color is also ideal for the Triangle body type because it will make your shoulders appear narrower, making it easier to wear jackets with a slimming effect. Tight-fitting jeans will also help you avoid highlighting your wide shoulders.

While most women with the Triangle body type do not have an extremely defined waist, you can create one by using the right clothing pieces. Wearing garments with wide waistbands or built-in belts will draw attention away from your shoulders and add proportion to your body. For a more elegant look, try wearing dresses with a tie waist. For a work or casual dress, consider a wrap top. Wrap dresses also make great choices for the Triangle body type.

To emphasize the bottom half and minimize the wide shoulders, you can wear darker shades or bold prints. Adding a pop of color to your bottom half will draw attention to your lower half and create an illusion of proportion. Inverted triangles can still benefit from simple and comfortable outfits, as long as they do so with the right accessories. You can add a long statement necklace that draws attention to the hips and bottom half. If you have a thin waist, you can choose bright colors.

Banana body type

The banana body type has similar proportions and measurements. However, it lacks a defined waist and tends to be round. People with this body shape are also known as straight or rectangle body types. Celebrities like Kate Middleton and Anne Hathaway are examples of people with this shape. The key to dressing well for this body type is to be aware of how many calories you’re taking in and wear slender-fitting clothes.

Tops with built-in belts are an ideal choice for a banana body type. Belted tops create an illusion of a defined waistline and draw attention to the collarbone. Wrap tops also look great on this body type. Cropped jackets are another must-have for any woman. Cropped jackets draw attention to the waistline and accentuate the waist, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Pants are another way to dress a banana shape. Any style will look good on your body, but mid-to-low-rise pants will be most flattering. Flare leg jeans and A-line skirts are also excellent choices. This combination will make you look more feminine. Generally, banana-shaped women should avoid menswear and opt for pieces with a plunging neckline. These two styles have similar proportions and a slimmer waist.