How to Dress For Your Body Figure

There are many ways to describe a body figure. There are several basic shapes: Hourglass, Pear, Inverted triangle, Diamond, and oblong. Each one requires different clothing and styling techniques. To learn more about your body shape, read on. Here are some examples of how to dress for each body type. Let’s start with a general overview of each shape and its characteristics. Then, you can narrow down your search for specific dresses.

Hourglass body shape

An hourglass figure is characterized by proportionate shoulders, full bust and buttocks and a narrow waist. The shape is considered curvy, and those with this body type often wear Spanx and other shape-flattering clothing. Although this body shape is generally flattering, it is still possible to have problems. Listed below are a few tips to achieve an hourglass figure. These tips will help you find the right shape of clothing for your body type.

An hourglass body type is easy to dress. The waist, bust, and hips are well-proportioned. Typically, most clothes are designed for this shape. If you want to dress like an hourglass, try tailor-fitted garments. You can further define your waist by belting your garments. Avoid over-sized clothing. Make sure your neckline is proportionate and not unbalanced. Dressing for an hourglass body type should be both comfortable and flattering.

Pear body shape

The pear body shape has broad hips and narrow upper body. However, unlike its apple counterpart, the pear also has a slim waist, wide crotch, and full hips. Wearing clothing that creates the illusion of volume can help you create a flattering figure. A push-up bra and fitted clothing can help you achieve the perfect pear figure. For a flattering look, combine layers and use bright colors and textures.

The pear body shape is also called the triangle shape. The main characteristic of the pear shape is the fuller hips and thighs with a narrow waist. To balance the proportions, wear clothing that accentuates your waist and makes your legs and hips look smaller than their real size. A pear-shaped woman’s torso may be longer than the rest of her body. The following tips are useful for dressing like a pear:

Inverted triangle body shape

A simple way to determine if you have an inverted triangle body shape is by looking at your underwear. You can also check your waist and bust from a front view, and then measure the area around your arms. If your body shape is inverted, you should wear clothes that add definition to the hips and minimize the girth. This shape is generally unflattering in terms of style, but you can still look fabulous by choosing clothes that complement your unique frame.

A good jacket for your inverted triangle shape should extend past the hip line. You should choose one in a dark colour to minimize the broad shoulder area. Also, avoid jackets with big collars and double-breasted buttoning, which make your shoulders look wider. If you choose a jacket with a structured design, look for one with deconstructed lines and a defined waist. Detailed hips add interest to the lower portion of your body, so a double-breasted jacket is another great option.

Diamond body shape

The diamond body shape is not as ideal as the hourglass figure, and it is difficult to dress for. While the wide midriff area is not an ideal shape, the arms and lower legs are pleasantly shaped. Choosing the correct outfits and shoes for the diamond shape will enhance the look. In addition, recognizing your diamond body shape before shopping will help you choose outfits that compliment your body shape. Here are some basic dress ideas.

Shirt-style dresses look flattering on a diamond body shape. Choose dresses with small prints to draw attention to your calves. Avoid skirts with a high waistline. Choose skirts that fall below the knee. If you’re unsure about your waist size, wear a flat-front skirt to hide it. One-piece swimsuits are also a great choice. They’ll hide your waist and show off your legs.

Round body shape

The round body shape is often called the apple shape. This figure is characterized by its full upper body and flat buttocks, long legs, and thin hips. Although round bodied girls have well-defined legs, they tend to put on weight around the midsection. To avoid the common mistake of buying oversized clothing, round-bodied girls should focus on proportional dressing. Wearing proportional dresses and pants will help them look slimmer, and the waistline will be narrower.

A round body is characterized by a wide midsection, narrow hips, and broad shoulders. The waist is not defined and ends up being the most prominent part of the body. A round-bodied person tends to have a flat or slightly rounded backside and has no distinct waistline. In addition, they tend to gain weight easily. The only real disadvantage to this body type is their lack of a defined waistline. But that doesn’t mean they have no curves – they can look shapely and slim.