How to Dress a Body Shape – Rectangle, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, and Inverted Triangle

There are four basic body shapes: Rectangle, Inverted triangle, Hourglass, and Inverted triangle. Each of these shapes has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Learn how to identify your body type to find a flattering figure. In this article we’ll explore each of these shapes and what it means for you. Then, you can use this information to make the best decision for your overall health and happiness. After all, no one else can see your body figure!

Hourglass shape

Women with the hourglass body shape can look their best by wearing pants and shorts that emphasize their natural balance. However, the wrong kind of shorts can make the figure look too slender. High-waisted shorts can make the waist appear smaller and can even be worn with a top tucked in. Avoid flared shorts and dolman sleeves, which can add volume near the bust line but can make the figure look too shapeless.

The right style of trousers and skirts can also accentuate your hourglass figure. Straight leg trousers with hemlines that fall below the anklebone are more flattering and can be paired with modest tops. Avoid choosing trousers with pockets around the hips, as these can flap when you move around. Another style that will emphasize your waist is the full circle skirt. These styles create a nice silhouette and tailor your midriff.

Inverted triangular shape

Identifying your body shape is a great first step in dressing with confidence. If you have an inverted triangle shape, learn how to balance your outfits and create a balanced look. You may also wish to purchase a few basic pieces of clothing that can help you get the perfect inverted triangle look. Read on to learn more about this body shape and how to dress it! Listed below are tips for styling this body type.

The inverted triangle body figure has broader shoulders and chest than the other two body types. Its hips and lower body are narrower. Dressing for this shape is all about balancing its broader shoulders with narrow hips. Avoid structured tops or clothes that are too top-heavy and focus on adding volume below the waist. And remember to choose the right neckline! The key to dressing an inverted triangle is to balance its wide shoulders and narrow hips.

Rectangle shape

Dressing your rectangle body figure can be challenging, but there are ways to help you find flattering outfits. Rectangles don’t have the same fit challenges as other body shapes, and clothing is usually designed to flatter them. Still, if you’re looking for advice on how to dress your rectangle figure, consider borrowing some guidelines from a secondary body type. Listed below are some tips to help you find flattering clothes.

A rectangle body figure looks great on the runway, but may be a bit too rigid in daily life. A lack of curves is both its strength and weakness. This body shape often features a strong, athletic build and lean legs. You might even want to consider wearing a push-up bra if you’re looking to accentuate your bust line. The benefits of this body shape cannot be disputed, but the best way to make it look its best is to work with your professional image coach.

Inverted triangle shape

When it comes to choosing an outfit, an inverted triangle body figure has a lot of options. This body type is top heavy, with the upper portion wider than the lower, making the overall shape appear unbalanced. In order to avoid this, you should choose clothes with wide shoulders and narrow hips, as these will balance each other out. For the waistline, a dress with a defined, narrowed line can visually widen the figure.

When choosing clothing for an inverted triangle body figure, it is important to avoid clothes that suffocate your upper body and shoulders. Soft fabrics, such as cotton, can de-emphasize broad shoulders and top, resulting in a more balanced look. In addition, choose clothes that flatter your shape and make you feel happy. Try to wear clothing that is made with your body’s shape in mind.