How to Choose the Right Length Skirt For You

There are three main types of skirt lengths. Mini, midi and long skirts all fit between the ankle and knee. Below the knee and above the knee skirts are suitable for women with wider shoulders and hips. The shortest style is called the Mini. A Mini skirt ends about halfway down the upper leg. It is best suited to slim women, but it is inappropriate for work. When choosing a Mini skirt, it is important to avoid choosing one with a wide hem, which can make the thigh area look chunky and bulky.

Mini skirts are the shortest

A mini skirt is a short skirt that falls to the knee. Its popularity started in the 1960s when Mary Quant created a series of short skirts that she dubbed “car skirts”. She took her inspiration from Courreges’ 1964 mini dress designs and developed it into short styles for the fashion magazine Bazaar. This trend was born out of the desire for young women to express themselves while staying modest. The mini skirt is popular today thanks to feminism, individualism, and a desire to stand out.

A mini skirt’s length can be anywhere from eleven inches to seventeen inches. The length is determined by the height of the wearer. If you’re short, a 17-inch mini skirt would be an appropriate length for you. For petite women, a micro-mini skirt hits the perfect casual note. A micro-mini skirt is even shorter than a mini. Whatever you choose to wear, be confident that you’ll turn heads.

Midi skirts are between ankle and knee

While midi skirts are typically between ankle and knee length, there are many variations of this skirt type. While the shortest midi skirt is the calf-widest, this style can also be full or short. Full midis are perfect for those with slimmer legs and wider shoulders. If you are between ankle and knee length, you’ll look great in a midi skirt with a tucked-in top.

Midi skirts are comfortable, sexy, and flattering on all body types. They start at the waist and end at the knee, though sometimes they’re longer. They’re the perfect length for wearing with boots and tights, and they’ll elongate your legs. Choose the right footwear for your height, too. You’ll be glad you did! While choosing footwear is an important part of your overall outfit, remember that your shoes make or break it.

Longer skirts fit the hips and thighs

If you’re insecure about your tummy, you’ll want to try wearing a longer skirt. To camouflage lumps, you should use a belt to tie at the waist or gather at the hips. You can also wear a skirt with gathering or ruching to disguise lumps. Longer skirts fit the hips and thighs best if they’re made in a shape that flatters the thighs and hips.

A-line skirts are best for women with narrow hips, though women with straighter figures can look great in them, too. Flare skirts also help women with narrow hips and thighs look slimmer. Flare skirts have a long, leaner fit, and create a slimmer silhouette. To wear an a-line skirt, be sure to choose a style that features some support.