How to Choose the Right Length for Your Skirt

When selecting the length of your skirt, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. For a perfectly fitting skirt, you must measure yourself properly. To determine your natural waist size, wrap a measuring tape around your natural waist. This is the narrowest part of your torso. Usually, you can add one inch to your measurement for a looser fit. If you have narrow hips, then add an extra inch to your measurement.

Mini skirts

The origin of the miniskirt is attributed to legendary English designer Mary Quant, whose designs in the 1960s made the miniskirt an essential part of the fashion world. As the ’60s came to a close, the mini skirt became a style that was no longer optional. The trend eventually led to many designers and a whole new generation of women who were determined to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Some of these designers became famous for the mini hemline, including the futuristic fashion of Courreges.

The trend for shorter skirts started in the late 1950s with an episode of British television show “That Was the Week That Was”. The show featured a model wearing a belt and lifting her skirt to display a shorter hemline six months later. The audience laughed and tittered. The minis soon gained popularity among mothers and young girls alike. This trend was not limited to women though. A woman could wear a mini skirt as long as she had undergarments.

Maxi skirts

A maxi skirt can be paired with any top, regardless of style. Wear it casually around the house, dress it up for work, or even take it out for a first date. Some popular options are a blouse, a trendy denim jacket, sleek leather jacket, or cropped jacket. Wear a t-shirt with it, for a laid-back everyday look. Or try a flowy blouse for a more feminine look.

Another great option is a relaxed-fit maxi skirt. This type of maxi skirt is affordable, flexible, and can be paired with just about any top. Some ladies choose to wear nothing underneath when wearing a maxi skirt. Wearing leggings, tights, or even a pettipant can ruin the look of the maxi skirt. And if you’re worried about sexy, dressy lingerie, a mid-length or body-con skirt may be too revealing. Alternatively, two thick waistbands can be uncomfortable.

Floor-length skirts

A skirt can come in a wide variety of lengths, from micro-mini to full-length. Different lengths look good on different body types, so you should always consider your shoe height when choosing your hem length. This length is considered the most formal and will elongate your figure. Read on to learn more about the different lengths and styles of skirts. And don’t forget to shop for the perfect one!

Floor-length skirts are a great choice for special occasions. They cover the ground up to the ankle, giving the wearer plenty of mobility. These skirts should be tailored to fit properly, with the hem sitting below the ankle or slightly longer to accommodate high heels. Luckily, most floor-length skirts come with a length measurement, and petite sizes are made to fit shorter women. You can wear the same length skirt for many occasions, so it’s best to know what works best for you.

Above-the-knee skirts

After six years of midi skirts, above-the-knee skirts are back in style. The sultry skirt made its fashion comeback at the Celine and Victoria Beckham shows in London and raised eyebrows everywhere. Here are a few tips to make the best above-the-knee skirts:

These shorter skirts are flattering to all shapes and sizes. Their full cut and shape accentuate a woman’s figure. They can be worn to work, to family gatherings, to religious or business events, and to more formal evening events. These skirts are flattering on all body types and can easily transition from the office to a formal evening event. Andre Courreges, a French fashion designer, was credited with bringing the miniskirt to the world.

Ankle length skirts

Ankle length skirts are a good choice for the spring or summer months. They are perfect for summer evenings or for warm, breezy days. The skirt is made of airy chiffon and features an elasticized waistband with high slits at the sides. It also comes with a short attached liner skirt. Ankle length skirts are often referred to as midi skirts. In addition to being more comfortable than long skirts, ankle length skirts are great for hot summer days.

Knee-length skirts

For the modest fashionista, knee-length skirts are her best friend. Not only do they provide just enough coverage but they also look great with cute tops. Wearing them to work, the gym, or just out on the town can be a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Here are some tips to make the most of your knee-length skirt. Using your fashion sense, you can pair your knee-length skirt with cute tops for an instant style makeover!

Knee-length skirts look great with almost any style of footwear. They pair well with flats, sneakers, and heels, as well as with sandals, wedge sandals, and ankle boots. A classic pair of flats with a knee-length skirt will complete any ensemble. Wearing a pair of tennis shoes with your skirt can also make it look chic and feminine. If you’re afraid of looking frumpy in your skirt, consider wearing flats with it instead.