How Does InBody Work?

InBody works through bioelectrical impedance analysis, a method that measures six different impedance readings in the body. It uses mild currents, so you won’t feel them. Users stand on a scanner platform and hold onto handles, enter a phone number, and the technology takes care of the rest. The results can be tracked over time and printed out for later review. This system is not only convenient, but also extremely accurate.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) in the body is a method of measuring the volume of blood and tissue in the human body. BIA dates back to the early 20th century but has undergone significant technical advances. This non-invasive measurement technique has several advantages over other methods. It does not require special skills and is inexpensive. It has numerous applications, including biometrics, sports science, and body composition assessment.

One of the most important features of bioelectrical impedance analysis in the human body is that it is very sensitive to hydration. This makes the process of bioimpedance measurements difficult to perform on infants because their hydration status is highly variable. Also, the practice of fasting an infant is difficult and unethical, but the recent study by Sesmero et al., indicated that the duration after milk consumption influenced impedance values. However, milk volume did not affect the measurements. Thus, infants should not be forced to fast during bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Direct segmental measurement

The accuracy of direct segmental measurement of body fat has not been determined yet. The two techniques that have been the subject of research are the 8-point segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSMBIA) and the circumference measurement (CM). The two techniques are usually used in the same outpatient clinic setting and are highly complementary to each other. The results of these studies are comparable to those of the previous studies, but the accuracy of DSM-BIA is lower than that of DEXA.

The BIA derived parameters may vary from one device to another, depending on the technology used and the operator’s experience. BIA devices use hand-to-hand technology, foot-to-foot technology, and direct segmental measurement. BIA-derived parameters vary by technology and procedure, but direct segmental measurement is a reliable method. The accuracy of the results is also consistent among different machines. The accuracy of direct segmental measurement in the body is high due to its high level of reproducibility.

Muscle distribution

A recent study has determined that the distribution of individual muscles in the body can be a helpful guide to fat loss efforts. This study was conducted using magnetic resonance imaging to measure the volume of individual muscles in the lower leg and abdomen. The study also identified the exact distribution of visceral adipose tissue, as well as the size of each muscle compartment. In addition, researchers determined the proportion of individual muscles in each compartment.

The three major types of muscle can be classified by their function. Smooth muscles are involuntary and lack sarcomeres or striations. They are further subdivided into single-unit and multi-unit subgroups. Single-unit muscle consists of a bundle of smooth muscle cells that contract together. The inner layers of a single unit of smooth muscle contain dense bodies and intermediate filaments that network through sarcoplasm. Autonomic neurons control muscle contractions.

Body water balance

Fluid balance is an important indicator of health. The ratio of Extracellular Water to Total Body Water is a good indication of a healthy body. The higher the ECW/TBW ratio, the more likely an individual is to have inflammation or swelling. Low ECW/TBW ratios are typical among individuals who have high levels of SMM. Understanding your normal ECW/TBW ratio is important when recognizing fluid balance changes.

The ideal way to maintain body water balance is to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and stay physically active. This way, your body will naturally balance itself. If you want a quick way to check your body’s water level, you can take the My Body Composition Solution test. It takes only a few seconds to analyze your body composition and provide you with detailed information in minutes. If you’re curious about your body’s water balance, try Tanita’s body composition monitors.