How Different Skirt Lengths Affect Your Figure

Floor-length dresses and skirts are considered the most flattering styles for any figure type. While they are shorter than their longer counterparts, floor-length dresses are still a safe bet, as they do not cling to the body and can be worn with confidence. Here’s a look at how different skirt lengths affect your figure. For starters, floor-length dresses are less formal than their shorter counterparts. And midis, sarongs, and midi skirts are less formal than their long counterparts.

Pencil skirts are the most flattering for the figure

A pencil skirt is the most figure-flattering type of skirt available. These skirts can be made of many different materials and can be styled to fit many different figure shapes. Choose a pencil skirt in a statement floral print or one with shimmering sequins for a feminine look. Opt for a more sexy look by pairing your pencil skirt with a leather or lace blouse.

Despite their name, pencil skirts weren’t always this stylish. In fact, they weren’t particularly attractive when they first started being worn. In 1908, the first woman to fly an airplane wore a pencil skirt with a rope tied around the bottom. Her outfit was so eye-catching, it soon became a fashion trend. Pencil skirts became incredibly popular as office attire, thanks in part to the high profile of the first female pilot, Edith Berg.

Floor-length dresses are a safe length for all body types

For women, floor-length dresses are a safe length for any body type, as they graze the floor when you are standing still. The hem should be the same length around the entire dress, as it should be the same length at the top and bottom. If you’re planning to wear heels, consider buying a dress with a longer hem, so that it will be visible under your shoes.

A dress of this length can be sexy and safe for work. The long, slinky skirts can balance a woman’s silhouette and lengthen the legs. For curvy women, a dress below the knee can accentuate curves and show off shoulder and bust. To make this dress even sexier, a belt can be added to the bodice.

Midi skirts are less formal than longer counterparts

A mid-length skirt is less formal than its long counterpart. They’re usually just above the knee to mid-thigh in length, so you can wear a wide-legged crop top or tucked-in blouse underneath. Midi skirts will make your natural curves pop, so wear a belt to cinch the waist and killer heels to finish the look. They are the perfect choice for a day at the office.

A midi length skirt can be any length from two inches below the knee to just above the ankle. The length that flatters most women is above the calf swell, while the length that accentuates the widest part of the calf is the least flattering. If you’re in doubt about the right length for you, see a tailor. Even an inch can make a world of difference.

Sarong skirts naturally create a slimming effect

The sarong skirt is a type of clothing that wraps around the waist and ties at the side. This skirt is typically made of cotton or other natural fiber fabrics and reveals a person’s legs when walking. The style and material of sarongs are similar to wrap skirts, with a fuller effect created by the layers of fabric. This effect is often the reason for the sarong’s popularity.

Another popular style is the kilt, which is a combination of a wrap skirt and a pleated skirt. Its front part wraps around a second, open section, whereas the kilt front portion is pleated. The pleated skirts vary by style and length. A sarong is an open-ended skirt with ties at each end.