How Do Humans Control Defecation?

A rigid control over defecation may have evolved due to social amenities and an evolutionary advantage. But it’s not entirely clear. There are many reasons why humans control defecation. Let’s examine the various ways they control the process. Below are some examples. Defecation reflex and anorectal manometry are two of the most common. Both of… Continue reading How Do Humans Control Defecation?

Defecation Causes and Remedies – How to Stop Defecation

Defecation is an uncomfortable process for many people. Not only is it embarrassing, it also affects the nerves in the bowels. This article will go over the most common causes and remedies for this embarrassing condition. Listed below are a few ways to stop defecation. We hope these tips will help you feel better about… Continue reading Defecation Causes and Remedies – How to Stop Defecation

Causes of Delayded Defecation

Defecation is a natural process, triggered by the intestines, in which fecal matter is expelled through the anus. However, sometimes, defecation may be delayed. This can result in hardened fecal matter, or autolysis, which can cause constipation. So, what are the causes of delayed defecation? Let’s find out! Defecation is the process of expelling feces… Continue reading Causes of Delayded Defecation

Basic Facts About Defecation

Defecation is the process by which organisms eliminate solid or semi-solid waste material. Typically, it occurs in conjunction with urination. Defecation is a reflex action that is not public. It is usually private, but it occurs with urination. Here are some basic facts about defecation. Let’s begin by defining defecation. Then, we will look at… Continue reading Basic Facts About Defecation

Defecation and Dyssynergic Defecation

Defecation is the process of removing solid or semisolid waste materials from the digestive tract. Whether the process is voluntary or involuntary, it increases the pressure in the intrarectum and produces pain. If the muscles involved in defecation aren’t relaxed during the bowel movement, the stool may not move correctly. This condition is known as… Continue reading Defecation and Dyssynergic Defecation

Sinking Funds

Sinking funds are a great way to fund future capital expenses, like repairs and replacements for damaged properties. These funds can also be used to buy back preferred stock, which generally pays a higher dividend than common equity shares. Companies can set aside cash deposits to use sinking funds, or they may buy preferred stock… Continue reading Sinking Funds