What is the InBody Machine?

The InBody uses direct segmental measurement bioelectrical impedance analysis to determine your body fat, skeletal muscle, and total body water. This helps you lose weight or maintain the ideal body fat percentage. InBody’s administrators can customize the outputs based on your goals. If you have trouble setting goals, they can give you helpful tips. They… Continue reading What is the InBody Machine?

How Does InBody Work?

InBody works through bioelectrical impedance analysis, a method that measures six different impedance readings in the body. It uses mild currents, so you won’t feel them. Users stand on a scanner platform and hold onto handles, enter a phone number, and the technology takes care of the rest. The results can be tracked over time… Continue reading How Does InBody Work?

Meta-Horror Movies

Scream is an extraordinary meta-horror movie. It is a feminist horror film that tackles many themes and topics – such as the nature of the female body and how women are disproportionately affected by violence and sexuality – while still retaining its heart. Wes Craven’s meta-commentary about horror movies is a brilliant example of how… Continue reading Meta-Horror Movies

Scream 4 Review

I’ve always wondered what makes a slasher film so memorable, and Scream is no exception. A teen thriller and meta-horror, Scream is an enjoyable, albeit disturbing, romp through the dark side of teen life. In this review, I’ll discuss the film’s main characters and give you my personal take on the film’s sexy premise. And… Continue reading Scream 4 Review

Scream 2 Trivia: Kevin Williamson, Drew Barrymore, and Neve Campbell – The Scream Queens

While you may not want to watch Scream again, you may not be able to resist this sequel, especially if you’re a fan of the first film. But what makes this sequel so great? Kevin Williamson, Drew Barrymore, and Neve Campbell are all excellent choices to play the scream queens. Read on for some interesting… Continue reading Scream 2 Trivia: Kevin Williamson, Drew Barrymore, and Neve Campbell – The Scream Queens