Types of Wooden Board

If you’re planning to build a furniture piece, a wooden board is an excellent choice. There are many kinds of boards you can use. Learn more about the types and characteristics of different types below. You’ll also learn about End-grain, Plywood, and OSB. Regardless of your intended use, you’re sure to find a board that… Continue reading Types of Wooden Board

The Meaning of Wooden Board and How to Properly Oil a Wooden Board

What is the meaning of wooden board? This article will explain the meaning of wooden board in English using the Cobuild dictionary. This dictionary is included in the Reverso and Collins Lexibase dictionaries. You can also learn how to properly oil a wooden board. So, go ahead and read on! Have fun! You’ve found the… Continue reading The Meaning of Wooden Board and How to Properly Oil a Wooden Board

Buying a Wooden Board

Once your wooden board has accumulated a significant amount of food, it may need a little bit of extra TLC. To keep it looking fresh and clean, you should consider applying food-grade oil to it. Unlike regular oil, food-grade oil won’t go rancid. After oiling your board, use a microfiber cloth or a kitchen towel… Continue reading Buying a Wooden Board

Magenta – A Psychedelic Color

Magenta is a psychedelic color. This color stimulates the brain’s short wave blue cone cells. Middle and long wave cones respond to deep blue. The brain interprets the combination of these responses as magenta. According to the Munsell color system, magenta is red-purple. For this reason, it is often used in psychedelic art and interior… Continue reading Magenta – A Psychedelic Color

How to Work With Magenta

While magenta is a motivating color, its energy is not always ideal for troubleshooting situations. It can trigger stress and make you appear arrogant. Although this color is not part of the visible spectrum, many people perceive it as a combination of red and violet/blue light. Magenta is also perceived as a symbol of unconventionality.… Continue reading How to Work With Magenta