Athens, Greece – The City of Philosophy, Democracy, History, Psychology, and School

Thousands of English words are derived from Greek, including philosophy, democracy, history, psychology, and school. There are many other fascinating things to learn about the ancient civilization during your visit to Greece. You can experience the power of people power firsthand in Athens by participating in a Boule contest. Thousands of English words have their origin in Greek, including: philosophy, democracy, school, irony, and xerokampos, a temple of the goddess Athena.

Ancient Greek philosophers

The Greek philosophers were ahead of their time. The word “philosopher” is derived from two Greek words that mean “love of wisdom.” They studied and debated the mysteries of the universe in order to figure out how the world works and what we should do with it. Philosophers influenced much of Western history and are still quoted regularly in discussions of human nature and mathematics. Here’s a look at some of the most influential Ancient Greek philosophers.


Several notable international companies have their headquarters in Athens. These include Hellenic Petroleum, Titan Cement, Jumbo S.A., and Cosmote. You can also find offices of multinational companies such as Novartis, Sony, and Ericsson in Athens. The tallest building in the city is the Mondelez headquarters. Regardless of your field, you can find a unique experience in Athens.


Xerokampos, Greece is located in the eastern region of Crete. This archaeological site is near low hills along the sea. It features numerous exposed ruins. The best time to visit the site is during the dry season, from June to July. In these months, the probability of precipitation is at its lowest. In contrast, July is the most humid month, with a probability of 0.01 inches per day.

Mount Athos

The mountain and peninsula of Mount Athos in northeastern Greece are important centers of Eastern Orthodox monasticism. Mount Athos is governed as an autonomous polity within the Hellenic Republic. It is also directly under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. The monks living on Mount Athos practice strict adherence to strict religious rules. The community of monks is the largest in the Eastern Orthodox world and is a center of Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land.


Meze, or Greek appetizers, are typically a mix of savory and sweet dishes. Greek mezedes can include savory meats and seafood, vegetables, peppers, rice, and even a nut and black currant mixture. Greeks love to share meze dishes, and you’ll find many of these in Greece. Try some mezedakia while you’re in Greece! And don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian! There’s a meze for everyone!


The current president of Greece, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, is the eighth female president of the country and the first to hold office since 1974. She represents the main opposition party. The country’s electoral system is based on first past the post, with parties receiving 41% of the vote to win a seat in parliament. However, the Greek press is also a powerful institution, and it has the power to make or break the government.


In Greece, the laws regarding the treatment of animals are very strict. There are many different kinds of animal welfare organizations. One of these organizations is the ASPCA, which works to protect animals and their habitats. You can also help these organizations by donating to their organization or by visiting their websites. Animal protection organizations are a vital part of the community in Greece, and the ASPCA has many chapters in the country. The following information is provided for the benefit of travelers and is not intended to be legal advice.


Southeastern Europe is home to the thousands of islands of Greece. Greece is considered the cradle of western civilization, as it retains the Parthenon temple and the 5th-century B.C. Acropolis citadel. The country’s beaches are also popular, from the black sands of Santorini to the party resorts of Mykonos. Greece also has the largest number of islands per capita, ranging from the tiny island of Kea to the cosmopolitan islands.