In English, Additional points are a subset of words found in the English Thesaurus. They are used to specify the features of a design and are defined in the English Thesaurus dictionary. You can import additional points to LandXML or CSV files. Using Reverso, you can look up additional points’ definitions and synonyms. You can also check out the Merriam Webster dictionary. Additional points is not uncommon in constructions, including dictionaries and lexicons.

Additional points are given by the English Thesaurus dictionary

A thesaurus dictionary is a reference work that lists words alphabetically or conceptually. A modern English thesaurus has over half a million words, including technical terms and slang. In addition to a general-purpose dictionary, some are developed for specialized fields. For example, the Oxford English Dictionary contains words from nearly half a million different fields. Some thesauri focus on certain fields, and there are special thesauri for information retrieval systems and controlled vocabulary.

They can be imported from a CSV file or LandXML file

LandXML and CSV files can be imported into a Geodetic software program. LandXML files contain data in the form of points. These points can be imported into the software program in many ways. For example, users can import point data from a CSV file and assign it to a site or a parcel. Additional points can be used for design features, such as landmarks.

To import points from a CSV or LandXML file, first select an axis. Next, select the “Additional Points” checkbox. This option will update any previously imported or created axis. You will need to confirm all settings. The information like variables and placements will remain in the file. In some cases, the file includes an entire road alignment. You can also import a specific segment of the road alignment. In such cases, you can specify the start and end points.