Our Repair Process

Repair Process
1. Prepare Estimate
The Estimator will inspect your vehicle and begin to document the damage. In some cases you may already have preliminary estimate of this damage prepared by your insurance company. If so, please present this written estimate to our estimator. There is no appointment necessary

2. Insurance Approval
Your insurance company must approve the repair estimated before work can begin.

3. Parts ordered electronically
Upon receiving approvals from you and the insurance company, we will begin the process of locating and ordering the parts necessary to repair your vehicle.

4. Parts Received
Once all of the parts have been received we will begin the repairs.

5. Completion date given
At this time we will provide you with an estimated completion date.

6. Vehicle dissembled and re-inspected
As your vehicle is being dissembled, often additional or hidden damage is discovered. this additional damage is difficult to diagnose at the time of the original estimate as it cannot be seen or predicted until we perform this thorough inspection. Please note that any additional damage may alter your vehicle's completion date.

7. Supplement damage report written (if necessary)
This reports is written to cover any additional or hidden damage that may be discovered once your vehicles out panels are removed and the physical structure of your vehicle is revealed. This is referred to as Supplement Damage insurance forms.

8. Supplement approved
The insurance company must authorize this additional damage before we continue the repair.

9. Additional parts ordered (if necessary)
Should we find additional damage, we will need to repeat steps 2 and 3. For this reason, our estimator may have asked you to sign an authorization document in advance to cover these additional repairs. Please note that this additional damage may alter your vehicle's complete date.

10. Customer Updated
With your permission we will contact you and update you on the progress of your vehicle

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