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Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Car Tips

Everyone who lives in Ingham County, MI knows that our winters can be downright brutal. The greater Lansing area usually sees around 14 inches of snow and an average high temperature of 30 degrees every January. At Courtesy Ford, we sell Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs that are made to last even through the toughest Michigan winters. However, it is important that our customers understand that winter car maintenance and care are critical in keeping you on the road no matter the weather. We thought it would be helpful to lay out our top three winter car care tips that will make your winter driving experience the best it can be.

Clean Car

It might seem that a clean car is more a function of form over function. And while a shiny car is hard to maintain during the winter months, it is actually important when it comes to maintaining your car's health. Whenever it snows, it doesn't take long for the roads to become a complete mess. Drivers almost instantly face the nasty combination of dirt and salt, both of which are constantly attacking your vehicle's paint and finish. The key to combating this problem is through a regiment of cleaning. You want to limit the amount of time dirt and salt spend on your car's exterior. This task can be accomplished either at home or by a professional and it should include a fresh coat of wax. This extra layer of protection cost a little more upfront but it can prevent the formation of costly and damaging rust and corrosion.

As far as protecting the interior of your vehicle, we suggest buying custom fit floor mats. To learn more about which mats fit your car best, you can talk with the Ford experts in the Courtesy Ford service center.

The Right Oil

As with the rest of the year, keeping a close eye on your oil is critical during the winter. You will want to make sure that you always have the proper oil level. Low oil levels can cause major engine damage that can lead to expensive repairs or a total engine replacement. The second reason you should pay close attention to your oil during the winter is viscosity. In order to keep your oil viscous in colder temperatures, it is a great idea to use a winter blend. If you are not sure which oil matches your car's needs, a quick call, email, or visit to the Courtesy Ford dealership is a great idea.

A Strong Battery

No one wants to be stuck out in a Michigan winter with a dead battery. It can be uncomfortable or even downright dangerous, so you always need to make sure your battery is fully charged and ready for action. The best way to prep your battery for winter is with a complete battery check at Courtesy Ford. In addition to having your battery full checked, we also suggest that you always make sure you also have a high-quality pair of jumper cables in your vehicle at all times.

Bottom Line

If you follow these three easy, but critical, tips, the odds are good you'll have a smooth time this winter. To learn more about how you can prepare and maintain your car during our long Michigan winters, please contact the expert service team at Courtesy Ford today!


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