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When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

Best Time To Buy A New Ford

It would be easy to answer the question of when's the best time to buy a new car with "when you need or want one" or "when you can afford it." Both of those answers have their merits, but for the best chance of securing a great deal when buying a new car your chances increase greatly by shopping smart and buying at specific times. Looking out for special car deals, car specials and promotions, a clearance sale or black Friday are obvious occasions that can be a little too obvious. Even some who consider themselves to be experienced car buyers might be surprised at some of the suggestions here, but these really are some of the best times to buy a car.


Dealership sales departments can be almost obsessive about weekends as the most important time to sell cars as that's when the majority of people have the time available to shop for a new car. Monday is the day when the fewest buyers are around, so sales are harder to come by, which is why better discounts might be there for the taking. Losing a sale isn’t such a big deal on a weekend as another potential buyer will probably be along in a minute, so shop on a Monday instead if you can.

Anytime during May

Although something of a generalization, May can definitely have advantages over some other months. It's a time just before the latest new models begin to start appearing for sale in June, so dealers with existing inventory can be looking to move it on. Industry data suggests it’s an especially good time for family-orientated midsize SUVs or crossovers. But any time of year when a new model is replacing an existing one, especially if the new model is all-new and not a facelift, it's a great time to snag a blowout deal on the outgoing version.

End of the calendar year

Dealerships often work towards large annual sales bonuses for selling a target amount of units during full whole calendar year, so December can be a great time for securing a top deal. If the dealership is falling short of target by a few units, the possible rewards for making target can even be enough to justify potentially taking a loss on a new model. Quarterly bonuses can be similar situations, so March, June and September can sometimes work too.

When you're at the dealership

Being prepared to walk away is a vital tool in succeeding in any negotiation. But don’t assume walking away from a deal that's on the table means you'll get a call later with an even better offer. Management will sometimes authorize a salesperson to offer an incredible deal to secure there and then for any of the aforementioned reasons. Leaving the dealership might achieve the objective of securing a great deal, but for someone else instead who goes in after you leave. Buyers doing this are often surprised at just how much worse the next deal they're offered is same vehicle if they go back.


The problem with all this is we're unlikely to know how much the dealership or the sales team needs a sale, unless of course, they tell you. But if they did, will you believe them anyway? Use the information here as a guide, but also listen to your instincts. Remember the advice on buying when you’re at the dealership as you have to decide if the deal being offered is a good one for you. Carry out plenty of research beforehand, decide what you want, and go in armed with an idea of what represents a good deal to you. Of course, also going in at what's probably a good time can only enhance your prospects of success.

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